SDT provides an end-to-end solution, encompassing everything from product development to production and cloud services.



Every device has to be unique. Every unauthorized attempt to read or write must be blocked. Eavesdropping during communication must be prohibited, in order to prevent information leakage. Tampering during firmware update can lead to hijacking of the device ownership.
Security is multi-faceted. Hence, managing and executing such security practices are difficult and, most of the time, extremely complicated. However, with SDT and our partners, it’s doable.

Secure Workflow

Secure Workflow must be followed, in order to protect the IoT hardware devices, intellectual properties, cloud identities, and data. This flow prohibits cloning, tampering, stealing, copying, and eavesdropping.

1. Secure Device

Hardware security is a must for protecting intellectual properties of customers at the edge. SDT’s SOM comes with a wide range of hardware security, such as Secure Boot Manager, Arm TrustZone, Secure Element, Secure Authenticator, etc.

2. Secure Manufacturing

SDT utilizes all the security features at its secure manufacturing facility.

3. Secure Mastering

Secure mastering prevents cloning of a device.

4. Secure Programming

Secure programming prevents copying of a program.

5. Secure Provisioning

PKI, or public key infrastructure, is crucial for secure deployment and operation of IoT products and services.
With its partners, SDT provides hardware and software security solutions that customers need for PKI.
Moreover, SDT completely manages secret keys for customers.

6. Secure Deployment

Device life-cycle management is a must for the IoT.
From its cloud, SDT can support customers with secure firmware updates and device management.



SDT is an IoT-optimized certificate authority (CA). We issue three types of CA for each customer to protect its IP and data. Devices manufactured through SDT will be provisioned with a certificate, and this process ensures that each device is globally unique. Certificates are embedded in not only devices, but also servers, gateways, and firmwares, and hence, guarantee security in every step of data transaction. Working with us, you can protect everything from supply chain to deployment.