SDT provides an end-to-end solution, encompassing everything from product development to production and cloud services.



With SDT’s OS-integrated SOMs, you can focus much more on the application development without spending too much time on foundational work.
Arm Cortex-M based SOM supports Mbed OS. We provide firmware libraries for real-time OS, communication drivers, security APIs, cloud drivers, and so on. Arm Cortex-A based SOM supports Mbed Linux OS and Tizen Linux. We provide firmware libraries for application structure, cloud drivers, and more.

All of the SDT boards and modules are programmable and debuggable with generic tools. Each board or module supports one of three OS options: Mbed OS, Mbed Linux, or Tizen Linux, and we officially support them. Depending on your choice of chipset, you can run other operating systems, such as Android, Windows, or generic Linux.