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SDT Smart Hub 요약정보 및 구매

$1,700 (VAT excluded)

Get powerful insights into your city's manhole environment with the SDT Smart Hub. The Smart Hub is fully equipped with temperature, relative humidity, carbon monoxide, water level (sewer flooding), GPS, and magnetic door sensors for complete data on manhole status and operation. Our waterproof Smart Hub may be installed with a heavy-duty plastic manhole lid and ring for usage in real city conditions. *Manhole lid and ring sold separately.

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An Evolution in Smart Infrastructure 

The SDT Smart Hub is the first sensor system that incorporates intelligent early notification for powerful insights into the local environment. Unlike normal detection systems, the Smart Hub integrates humidity, temperature, and gas sensors for all-in-one coverage. As a result, the Hub enables total instantaneous data control, working in the background to seamlessly deliver information accessible via an online dashboard.

The Smart Hub is the evolution of urban planning and smart city engineering.

Humidity Sensor

Check the relative humidity of the local environment 

Temperature Sensor

Get alerts for fires or high temperatures

Gas Sensor

Track carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, or other dangerous gas levels

Flood Sensor

View water levels and flooding in real-time

Open/Close Sensor

Verify whether the manhole, sewer gate, or flood gate has been secured properly

Why choose SDT Smart Hub?


Set up is easy with SDT Smart Hub. The Hub's sensor system is fully functional and sends data to the cloud as soon as it is activated, with unlimited scalability.

Centralized Control

Get alerts and important notifications anywhere. SDT Smart Hub automatically sends warning status and emergency alerts to our custom dashboard application for each installation.

Reduced Maintenance Cost

Reduce maintenance costs and planning by 20% and increase equipment availability by 10%. The Smart Hub's advance notice for equipment failure or problems at installation sites eliminates the need for frequent maintenance rounds.


SDT’s engineering teams have gone to extraordinary lengths to maximize battery lifespan without sacrificing any smart capabilities. The Smart Hub acts as a prevention system that reduces and mitigates the risk of fires, harmful gas exposure, and flooding. The Hub brings environmental safety and quality control standards to local infrastructure, enterprises, and administrators. Maintenance insights from smart-enabled sensors offers unparalleled display of site conditions and the ability to eliminate unnecessary maintenance procedures, while mitigating losses from downtime. Additionally, stable long-distance communication is enabled by LTE Cat. M1 modules, with smart power regulation supporting the Hub's low power usage. 

Data storage from the Smart Hub can be customized to user-specified cloud location or use an SDT sensor database server. This database customization enables users to retrieve historical data and analyze their environment over time in order to design new safety methods and applications.

Replaceable 32Ah batteries designed for low discharge over long periods are included with purchase in two battery packs with case enclosures.

*Parts and sensors may be customized upon request. Carbon monoxide gas sensor is included as standard.


Key Features

  • Easy installation

  • Customized dashboard with unlimited accounts

  • Automatically mapped install locations

  • Flood, fire, and toxic gas alerts

  • Low power and low network strength warning

  • Long battery life [1 year guaranteed]*

  • Secure data communication

  • GPS with LTE-M1


  • Temperature: -40°C to 125°C

  • Relative Humidity: 0~100%

  • CO: 0~250 PPM; Accuracy ±3%

  • Magnetic Contact: Door Open & Close

  • Optional Water Level Monitoring

  • Optional Real-time Location Service (GPS)


  • Core: Cortex-M4, 80MHz


  • Secure Element

  • Arm TrustZone

  • Secure boot

  • Cortex-M4 resources isolation

Supported Cloud

  • Amazon AWS

  • Others available on request

*If used as directed under normal conditions.


  • Main Assembly: Width 130 x Length 180 x Height 30 mm

  • Sensor Assembly: Width 100 x Lengt 120 x H 35 mm

  • 2 x Battery Assembly: W 130 x L 180 x H 30 mm

  • Water resistance: IP67

  • Operating temperature: -40~85°C

  • Housing: Polycarbonate (PC)

  • LED Indicators


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